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The social media growth of the last few years brought a new term to the world – Virality.

Today's brands and individuals who want their word to be spread need two things -

  • Engaging content
  • Efficient distribution funnels

To provide a proper solution, we've invented SkyLikes - a mediation platform that connect between website owners, who want to distribute their content and Social Media influencers, who have gain significant power reaching millions of followers.

Our innovative platform is a turnkey product for the internet's most desired resource – Social media traffic.


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  • Thousands of influencers will spread your content all over the social media networks, letting you reach millions of engaging visitors on a daily basis.
  • We have developed advanced traffic measurement tools which detects and prevents fake traffic from reaching your website. Your brand's website is completely protected with us.
  • We constantly monitor audience engagement, which results in highly interacting content consumers.

Your website is just a few clicks away from buzzing the internet.

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